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Hi! My name is Mary and I love books, movies and TV series! (+dancing!)
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My name is not Mara Dyer, but my lawyer told me I had to choose something. A pseudonym. A nom de plume

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only one girl can win the crown


The Selection, The Elite, and The One book covers

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I just want everyone to know that if  Maxon and America don’t get married, there will be blood

And it won’t be mine. 


I had to choose, Aspen or Maxon? (x)


I need every sentence in Maxon’s perspective
I want to know what’s going through his head 100% of the time

"Sydneyʹs amber-brown eyes were filled with anxiety as she watched us head back around the house. I nearly teased her for caring about evil creatures of the night but stopped myself just in time. She might loathe every other dhampir and Moroi in the world, but somewhere along the way, sheʹd come to like Dimitri and me. That wasnʹt something to mock.”

"I couldn’t explain how once you’d spent a little time with Rose Hathaway, it was easy to forget she was a dhampir. Even physically, dhampirs and humans were virtually indistinguishable. Rose was so full of life and passion that sometimes she seemed more human than I was.”

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